About famous Indian personalities, their achievements and their inspirational quotes: How These Women Doctors Revolutionized Indian medicine?

Monday 17 December 2018

How These Women Doctors Revolutionized Indian medicine?

A collage of four women doctors who revolutionised Indian medicine

The medical industry in India has witnessed tremendous developments and growths. In the ancient days when there was less development in the medical world, people believed in doctors similar to that of God. Doctor profession was also male-dominated, and in spite of it, some successful female doctors contributed to the medical industry. Their contribution revolutionised Indian medicine. Technology plays a significant role in today's medical industry. The latest technology has improved the diagnosis procedure and treatments methods.

Diagnostic centres play a crucial role in revolutionising Indian medicine. They offer quality medical service to the people. Highly qualified and experienced Radiologists, microbiologists, pathologists, biochemists and several other technicians. Some of the diagnostic facilities offered in the lab are Ultrasound scan, MRI, X-ray, CT scan, mammogram etc. The diagnostic centre makes use of state of the art equipment so that you can trust them for the diagnosis reports offered.

The following article talks about some of the famous woman doctors who worked hard for the development and growth of Indian medicine.

A sketched image of Dr. Kadambani Ganguly, with her left hand on her face.
Kadambani Ganguly was born in an ordinary family during the British rule, and she completed her graduation in 1886. It was the period where there was less preference given to women to continue their studies. With firm determination and willpower, she continued with her studies. She was the second female Indian who qualified as a doctor to continue her studies in western medicine. In India, there were no woman doctors during those years, and Kadmabani travelled all the way to the UK to complete her higher studies in medicine. She completed LRCP, LRCS and GFPS medical degrees and returned to India. She started her career as a Doctor in India at Lady Dufferin Hospital, Kolkata. Later she started private practice so that she can serve the needy. Her contribution and dedication to the medical field served as a real inspiration for several women in the country.

Diagnostic centres help doctors to identify the actual cause of a health condition. They offer diagnostic results with high accuracy which allows doctors to identify health issues and recommend the right treatment procedures properly. Without proper diagnosis, treatments would go in vain.

SI Padmavati is the first female cardiologist of India. She started her medical career nearly 60 years before. She completed her Doctor degree in Rangoon medical college. Later she travelled to London in 1949 to continue with her medical studies. She was awarded FRCP from the royal college of Physicians in London. She also completed her FRCPE from Royal College of Physicians Edinburgh.

SI Padmavati started her medical career in London as she began to work in various leading hospitals.
Smiling image of Dr. Padmavathy, the first female cardiologist of India.
This kindled her interest in the field of cardiology. She came to know that in India cardiology was not developed, and she decided to work for it. She returned to India and established her first heart clinic.

She worked hard to establish Cardiology department in a reputed medical college in India. She worked for the awareness of heart problem and its treatment procedure. To propagate and to reach people on heart problems she founded a heart foundation for treating people with heart diseases. It was the first heart foundation in India. She is the proud recipient of Padma vibhushan offered for her tireless service towards cardiology. At present doctor, SI Padmavati who is 92 years old is still serving the medical industry. With the use of high-end diagnostic equipment, it would be easy to detect blocks in the heart or other issues. With the use of latest technology, it is possible to diagnose heart problems at an early stage.
Indira Induja is a prominent gynaecologist in the 1980s. She worked hard for the success of the first test tube baby in the year 1986. She is a successful obstetrician and infertility specialist who completed medicine from Mumbai University. After her studies, she began practising in her hometown. Her primary interest was treating people with infertility issues. She invented the Gamete intrafallopian transfer technique, and it became a success in the year 1988 when the first baby was born through the GIFT technique. She received the prestigious Padma Shri award by the Indian Government for her outstanding contributions in the medical field.

Couples who suffer from infertility problems can visit Diagnostic centre for the initial screening of the IVF process. A full-fledged embryology lab for the study of embryo formed using infertility treatment methods are used. Genetic testing is done so that to increase the success rate of IVF treatments. This also reduced the risk of passing genetic problems to your offspring.  

Dr. Kamini Rao, a gynaecologist, standing wearing a white coat and stethescope around her neck.
Kamini Rao is a popular gynaecologist from Bangalore. She completed her medical degree at St. John's Medical College. Later she travelled to the UK for her practice and professional training. She has worked with some of leading and worlds famous doctors namely Prof, Ray Garray and Prof.Kypros Nicolaides. She is known for her contributions infertility and reproductive endocrinology.With the advanced knowledge that she gathered from her training, she was able to succeed in implementing the first SIFT baby. She took efforts to set up the first semen bank in South India. She also worked on Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection and Laser assisted hatching techniques. She was awarded Padma Shri award in the year 2014 for her outstanding contribution to the medical field.

The above women have contributed a lot to the betterment of human life. Their efforts have played a significant role in revolutionising the medical industry. Reputed hospitals with experienced doctors, diagnostic centres like Anderson diagnostics with state of the art equipment work hand in hand in serving the people. They play a vital role in the betterment of human life. Their contribution has helped our country to come up with the latest treatments for treating chronic disorders.

The above article has been compiled by Sharon from Anderson Diagnostics, and she feels proud to share the information about the successful women Doctors of India. Sharon feels inspired and wishes to work with the same dedication for the betterment of our country.


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  5. It is really surprising that the woman doctors mentioned above who traveled abroad for higher studies returned back to serve their motherland. This proves their love towards their homeland and the vigor to serve the people in need. Happy to know about the three gems of the medical industry.

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